Mold open-closing scramble:
Processing method:

1): the second plate and the tie bar are worn out, check the second plate and tie bar, replace the second copper sleeve, tie bar, add the lubricating oil.

2): the speed of mold open -close and pressure adjustment is not correct, set flow 20, pressure 99, the second platen should not crawl, adjust the flow proportional  valve hole, or open valve hole, adjust the proportional valve linear current value.

3) air in pipes and tanks,exhaust it.

The noise of mold open and closing:

Handling method:

1)check whether the lubricating oil pipe is cut off , if so, reconnect the tubing pipe.

2): small amount of lubricating oil, increase lubricating oil amount , add once at 50 mold open-close circle,or manually add lubricating oil.

3): clamping force over large, check whether the mold needs large clamping force, lower the clamping force.

4): the current fluctuation of the amplifier board, check whether the current parameters meet the acceptance criteria, re adjust the current value.

5): parallelism error,use  indicator to check head board parallelism to make sure it’s  greater than the acceptance criteria or not; adjust the parallelism.

Injection moulding machine can’t clamp:
Handling method:

1) check the front travel switch of safety door and repair it.

2) check the 24V5A power in the electric box, replace the insurance and the power box.

3): check whether the spool is stuck, clean the spool.

4): check the I/O board has output or not,weather the magnetic valve is open or not.

5): check